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What are Containments

JP Geotex geotextiles are used to protect the JP HDPE liners which are used to seal the containments water tight. Another Layer of GCL is also sometimes used as a secondary layer of water barrier to prevent further leakeages in the system.

JP Geotex are used as

  • Protective layer to prevent geomembrane liner damage
  • Permeable separation layer to preserve the layers in landfill design
  • Drainage filter to facilitate flow through drainage systems and geonets
  • Filtration layer to prevent clay or soil intrusion
  • Landfill daily covers to provide overnight surface confinement

JP Geomembrane

  • Geomembranes prevent contamination of soil and groundwater by leach ate seepage.


Landfill is the process of disposing off the waste material that is environmentally acceptable and is considered better for the environment. The holes are dig in the land then barriers, filters and liners are placed in those holes, put in trash and cover with soil. These filters and liners works as barriers and does not allow pollution to seep into the ground, thus reduction in the scavenging pests.

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