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JP Geotex acts as a filter and drainage layer allowing water to flow freely along the drain due to its high horizontal permeability.Prevents migration of subgra de soil particles into the drain Reduces construction time and cost Eliminates the cost and difficulty of constructing an alternative graded aggregate filter Our jp geo pipe is used for groundwater collection or recharge

Building foundation drainage system

A poorly drained basement or foundation wall can create a multitude of problems ranging from structural failure of the wall itself to damage to the contents of the basement because of high humidity. Jp Geopipe is embedded in a gravel trench at the footing of a foundation wall, drains water away from the foundation before it can build up pressure and removes excessive water from around the foundation. In addition to keeping a basement dry, pipes can be installed as outlet drains from downspouts and basement windowwells. Jp geotex id wrapped around the jp geopipe for efficiently filtering out soil to prevnt choking o the drainage system.

Landscape drainage system

We offer systems which remove excess water from cricket grounds, football grounds, lawns and gardens. Poor drainage or no drainage at all, can erode the surface soil there by spoiling the ground , can damage a building's foundation, kill all the plants and ruin a beautiful lawn. Properly installed drainage can remove water from slopes above house or other structures, low spots in the yard, flower boxes and planters.

Jp geotex is wrapped around the jp geopipe for efficiently filtering out soil to prevnt choking of the drainage system.

Jpgeonet composite consists of a heavy-duty, high density polyethylene geonet drainage core with its ridges heat fused to a layer of nonwoven geotextile. The geotextile retains soil or sand particles as well as freshly placed concrete or grout, allowing filtered water to pass into the drainage core. it is available with geotextile on one or both sides.

Storm water drainage system

Jp Geopipe is also used in retention/recharge systems where collected storm water is released into the ground through exfiltration.

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