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Erosion Control

Our engineered products are designed to reduce the damaging effects of rainfall, stormwater run-off, wind action on soil structures by protecting the soil and redirecting, or acting as a barrier to, erosive elements

Slope erosion Protection

jp geotex laid over the slope of road embankments act as drainage layer channeling out water along the slope and also preventing the soil from erosion.

Jp geotex is also used along the retaining wall for slope protection which acts as a filter and drainage layer to reduce pore pressure of the soil on the retaining wall . the retaining walls can be of gabions, a geogrid rip rap.

River Erosion control using geobags

JP Geo bag is stitched from three sides and is open from one side. It is designed to be filled with soil and is installed while the construction of marine and hydraulic structures and is used for the protection of hydraulic structures and riverbanks from severe erosion and scouring.

JP geo bags can also be customized in different sizes and forms that suits the requirements of design and installation which can ideally be placed on dry land but can also be installed into water of any depth.

Placed on dump trucks, these geo bags are taken to concrete plant, where these are filled with sand. The filling ports of these bags are closed using hog rings and the bags are lifted using lifting harness and spreader beam arrangement. For the erosion prevention on the coastline, these geo bags are placed on the top of the slope. At the time of storm the sand in these bags scoured and the bags themselves will move down through the slope.

The geo bag activities have minimal effect on the fish resources and in-turn also facilitate fishing activities. The overall methodology involves a systematic and multidisciplinary approach.

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