Applications //


  • Containments

    We are involved in offering geotextiles that are used in landfill process. The non-woven geotextiles are manufactured from high quality polypropylene staple fibers and are mechanically bonded through needle-punching to form a strong...

  • Erosion Control

    The prime features, viz. durability, ability to withstand the climatic conditions and other factors make our waterproofing fabrics suitable for varying purposes in the construction and building sectors.

  • Landscape

    JP Geotex are used for protection of HDPE/PVC and also as filter for perforated geopipe wrapping or as a filter in conjunction with a drain cell.

  • Roads

    JP Geotex in used on the base soil Before soling serving as a separator & filter between the two dissimilar soil particles.

  • Waterproofing

    JP Geotex used as Reinforcement is saturated with a cross link polymer used in repairing the cracks created in terraces of buildings The JP Geotex has a high elongation at break ...

  • Drainage

    JP Geotex acts as a filter and drainage layer allowing water to flow freely along the drain due to its high horizontal permeability.