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JP Geotex are used for protection of HDPE/PVC and also as filter for perforated geopipe wrapping or as a filter in conjunction with a drain cell.

Week Control

JP Geotex is used in pathways in gardens and parks to prevent the vegetation growth for allowing a foot pathway to be built . Its tight fiber structure minimizes penetration by weeds and roots and prevents unwanted growth beneath the fabric

Terrace gardens

JP Geotex is used as a protection & separation between soil & HDPE/PVC and used as a filter and seperator between soil & a drain cell.

Play ground

A network of perforated JP geopipe is used as draining out accumulated water and JPgeotex is used as a filter.

Vertical Garden

JP geotex is filled with soil as pocket filters used in drain cell for plantations used in Vertical gardens.

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