As a Separator JP Geotex is used between two dissimilar soils like fine soil & coares aggregate. It reduces the aggregate thickness to stabilize the sub-grade. JP Geotex maintains a uniform settlement of the sub-grade and hence improve the sub grade strength and prolong the life of the system.

Required Properties for an effective seperation:

Where seperation is the primary geotextile function, required criteria to consider our subgrade gradtation, Subgrde Strength, Loading size & Frequency(on soil mass), size and type of base material.


As a Filter JP Geotex have different range of pore openings to reduce the potential of clogging. The range of pore openings shall be compared to the grain size of the material to be filtered to obtain the optimum filtration.

JP Geotex not only acts as a filter and a separator but also reduces the maintenance of erosion control systems and costs.

It effectively filters fine silt soils that are subjected to turbulent flow. Hence maintaining and enhancing the stability of erosion protection system.

Required Properties for an effective filteration:

Selection are soil permeability, soil gradation and where applicable hydraulic gradient, earth pressure.


As Reinforcement Nonwoven Geosynthetics function involves stabilization of a soil mass by provision of tensile strength fabric system.

Required Properties for an effective reinforcement:


Drainage is related to the role of filtration and is a function of the permeability of a geosynthetic and its pore opening size or photometry. Water is conveyed along the plane of the geosynthetic due to its construction and then to an outlet. Water may be vertically or horizontally conveyed.

Required Properties for an effective drainage:

Selection are soil permeability, soil gradation and where applicable hydraulic gradient, earth pressure.


JP Goetex is laid between the diffrent waterproofing membranes(HDPE, PVC, Etc) and soil to prevent it from puncturing.

Required Properties for an effective protection:

Selection are soil permeability, soil gradation and where applicable hydraulic gradient, earth pressure.

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Perforated Jp Geopipe

For over five years we have manufactured perforated pipe for a wide range of drainage applications. Our corrugated pipe features a corrugated exterior with a corrugated interior.. most reliable, economical , effective piping material available in the market.

Lightweight and durable, our pipe can handle chemically abrasive environments, is easy to install and not easily susceptible to cracking during pipe handling and installation activities. Two of its most important features are:

Flexibility: because of its flexibility, our perforated pipe is better suited for trenches or where the ground is uneven. Depending on whether your circumstances dictate a flexible or rigid drainage solution, our perforated pipe is simple to install and well within the capabilities of the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Perforations : our pipe can be either fully perforated, i.e., slotted around the entire circumference or half-perforated, ie., have holes on only one side of the pipe, non-perforated, and perforated wrapped with filter sock. Perforations allow subsurface water to be collected and transplanted to favorable locations for discharge. Perforated pipe gives you the control you need to direct underground water where you want it, to encourage proper surface water percolation and in many cases to lower the groundwater table.

Sizes : from 60mm upto 300mm diameter


Filtration , Drainage