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Soil Stabilisation

JP Geotex in used on the base soil Before soling serving as a separator & filter between the two dissimilar soil particles.

Paving fabric

  • Paving fabrics are primarily applied with a mounted attachment on a tractor onto a hot asphalt tack coat, then overlayed with a minimum 1.5 inches of asphalt mix. Jp geotex is applied under asphalt to minimize surface water infiltration and prevent existing cracks in the road from surfacing.
  • Provides moisture barrier
  • Absorbs stress
  • Effectively retards reflective cracking
  • Paving fabrics create a barrier against water intrusion to the existing road surface
  • Extend road life

Peripheral Drainage pipes

JP GEOPIPES are used at the periphery along the road where the geotextile ends .This helps the rain water to drain out of the road.

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