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Waterproofing Protection

Concrete Terraces

JP Geotex used as Reinforcement is saturated with a cross link polymer used in repairing the cracks created in terraces of buildings The JP Geotex has a high elongation at break due to which when the cross link polymer is spread on the cracks along with the JP Geotex elongating in summers when the crack expands but does not break. Hence the Entire waterproofing system remain intact reinforcing it with the concrete surface

JP Geotex is coated with Bitumen on both sides which is used for waterproofing concrete surfaces. JP Geotex available from 100gsm onwards from 0.5mm thickness onwards


Water proof tunnels & cavern are designed as water tight structures using various systems which may be a spray applied membrane or Loosely Fixed PVC membranes are topped with Concrete Tunnel Lining and are protected from movement by using a high performance JP geotex. JPGeotex as a water proofing membrane protection layer are generally fixed on the Concrete Lining (in case of Drill and Blast Tunnel) or over the segmental lining in case of Bored Tunnels. Similar Applications of water proofing are also extended to Cut and Cover Tunnels,

Basements /Parking Bays

It is also used to protect the waterproofing membrane like HDPE, PVC to increase the life of waterproofing system since it prevents the Membranes from puncturing by the soil particles Also due to its high water throw it acts as a partially impervous layer.

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